The Frazer Family | A Wilmington, OH Family Session at a Covered Bridge

Let me tell you, the two little boys you are about to see in these photos are some of the easiest kiddos I have ever photographed. Two years ago I took a few photos of Joey when we was 3 years old and I was amazed then at how easy he was to do photos of. Now he is a big brother, in kindergarten, a great conversationalist, and a genius (Seriously, the math this little fella can do it impressive) Sweet baby Ben is just 4 months in these photos and he is such a sweet baby boy; always smiling. It’s not a surprise these boys are so happy when you meet their parents. Mandy and Josh are great people and so good with their boys. Its always such a joy to create photos of happy families and they were all just lovely!

Frazer1000 edt cprtFrazer1003 edt cprt

Frazer1001 edt cprt

Are you seeing the smile on that baby? So cute!!

 Adorable brothers. Notice that Joey is holding Ben’s hand in all, but one photo. Joey kindly took his brothers hand to keep him from pulling his hair. Never made a fuss, just gently took hold of him.

Frazer1340 edt cprt

I love getting a pic of just Mom and Dad at each family session. So often they will tell me, “we haven’t had a professional pic of us since our wedding day.” Such a wonderful couple!!

Frazer1430 edt cprt

Frazer1438 edt cprt

I LOVE this photo!! One of my favorite sibling shots I’ve done!! Cuties!!!

These were a few of my favorites from the Frazer Family Photo session! I appreciate you stopping by the site and if you want to schedule your own photo session, please get ahold of me, I’d love to hear from you!!

Hanna 🙂


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