Hello and welcome to my photography page!!

 I’m Hanna Johnson and I am the owner of Johnson Branch Photography. My business is based in the Cynthiana/Georgetown, KY area and I offer all kinds of photo services! I will do portrait work (weddings, engagements, seniors, families, kids/babies, couples, teams, etc…) to home and office decor type photos (nature, wildlife, creative photos, etc…) to custom and specialty items (great for gifts!). Just about anything you want that is photography related, I’m your girl. I also do restoration of old photos that have been damaged.

So, what can I tell you about me and my business….

Let me just start out by saying that my goal when I am working with you is for you to LOVE your photos!! Like most people, I’ve had professional photos done at various stages of my life and to this day I don’t have a single one hanging in my house. I never liked them enough to frame them. I want the people I create photos of, thats you, to have a hard time choosing which ones to hang up in their house. I want you to love them so much, you create an album of them to show off to your family, friends…even the cable guy when he shows up sometime between 9am and 3pm. I want you to consider your portraits to be the artwork that decorates your home.

Whether you are the type of person that has a clear vision of how you want your photos to look or you want me to guide you, I’d love to talk with you about your photos!

What kinds of questions do you have for me?

First off I would like to say that I am told that I come off a bit formal when I type. I even use proper grammar and punctuation when I text, but I love emojis and it bothers me there is neither a Sasquatch (he’s out there) or ninja emoji. I say that because I want y’all  to know I’m not super formal in real life and if you were to ask me to be your photographer, you’re likely to hear a few puns or terrible jokes…and the occasional movie quote.

If you’ve managed to hang out with me this long then I’m going to give you a quick background on me so that you can get to know me a little better. I’ve been a professional photographer since 2001, when a doctor my mom worked with asked me to photograph her wedding. I was a senior in high school and had 3 years of photography experience under my belt. I had an amazing high school photography teacher that taught me all the fundamentals and how to develop black and white film in a dark room. I loved it! (I told my parents in the 2nd grade I would become a photographer so that I could take pictures of the Titanic when I grew up…someone beat me to it.. dang it!). I went on to earn my bachelors degree in Art/Graphic Design from Wilmington College and a Masters in Business Administration from Ashland University. Both colleges are in Ohio. I worked as a photographer throughout this time and also as a 911 dispatcher. I did that job for 13 years before I decided to take a giant leap of faith. I moved from Ohio to Kentucky in 2017 and decided photography would be my main career focus. Very exciting! While photography is my main focus, I also teach part time at a college. I am an economics professor, a substitute teacher for grades K-12, and I dabble a bit with writing. I have a mini farm with nigerian dwarf goats (so stinking cute!!!), chickens, treeing walker coonhounds, and a Belgian malinois. He is an 82lb retired war dog that served 5 years in Afghanistan and he is currently laying at my feet as I type this soaking up how spoiled he is. I love them all.

I love to travel and try new things. Just recently I become a certified scuba diver. I could go on and list all my interests, but there are so many better things to read about than me. I will just say that I am not the type of person to get bored.

I hope the you will send me a message or visit one of my social media pages. I would love to hear from you and chat about any photos you are interested in. I love getting feedback on my work, so please don’t hesitate to comment, message, call, text, send carrier pigeon to let me know what you think.

Lets chat soon!

Hanna 🙂

P.S. I’d love if you would follow me on this site, as well as social media, and check out my Easy shop. You may just come across something you love….or want created! 🙂

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