Emily’s Senior Photos|Clinton Massie Senior|Wilmington, Ohio

Emily is a joy!! I’ve known Emily since she was a little girl. Her Dad and I worked together for many years at a police department. He and I didn’t work the same shift for a long time, so I only saw his family on rare occasions. They are truly a wonderful family!! Emily is the baby and (her big sister has gone on to become a police officer like their Dad) is clearly beautiful, but she is one heck of a softball player. I’ve done softball photos of her as well before she got into high school. She is a catcher and does a fantastic job!! Now I love to go to ball games, but I don’t follow the sport. Even I could watch Emily and be like, “whoa, she’s good!” When her dad called to see if I would be willing to do her senior photos, I was very excited!! We met up on a nice day and did some photos in the downtown area of Wilmington, OH. After doing the downtown photos, Emily, her mama, and I headed down to the bike path where there is a covered bridge and we got there just in time for the rain to start. It was a great day, lots of fun, and lots of lovely photos of miss Emily. Here are a few of my favorites!!

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