2018 Adventures and What’s to come in 2019!

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but I do make goals at the beginning of each year. I make a list in my computer and save it and at the end of the year, I go back and look to see what I accomplished. At the beginning of 2018, I wrote out personal goals, business goals, and goals for the little farm my husband and I own. While some of our goals went un-accomplished (is that a word?), we did accomplish a lot of things, and had several really exciting things happen!!

Early in the year we had our first baby goats that were born on the farm…

We got a new adorable nephew, Montgomery, pictured here with his Mama. Photo credit on this one to Photography by Adele.

I became a certified scuba diver (Jeff, my husband, has been for years and used to be a scuba instructor and did shark feedings for tourists in the Bahamas)

We got married….Twice! Wait, what?? Due to the fall season being such a busy time in the life of a photographer and college professor (both of those jobs are mine, lol), we decided to elope to the Bahamas in August. We can’t say enough positive things about Sandals Resorts. We went to Sandals Royal Bahamian. https://www.sandals.com/ The beach photos credit goes to Nicki Hanson, a lovely gal we met while on vacation. She was gracious enough to use my camera to snap some pics of our beach ceremony for us and I edited when we got back to Kentucky.

We wanted to have a wedding with family too, so we made sure to set aside a Saturday in October to do a small vow renewal ceremony that my big brother officiated over. The photo on the right is from that day and photo is by Photography by Adele. She did a wonderful job on our photos! ❤ http://www.photographybyadele.com/

One of the biggest reasons we wanted to go to the Bahama’s for our “Wedding Moon” was so that we could scuba dive with sharks. I mentioned earlier that Jeff used to be the guy that did the feedings, he really wanted me to experience it and I’m game for most things adventurous.

Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!! We did our shark dive with: https://stuartcove.com/ Amazing!!!! Sadly my underwater camera was not rated for those depths and stopped working halfway through the feeding, but I was lucky to retrieve these images and now I have an excuse for a new, better, underwater camera 😉

We also added a new addition to our little homestead, meet Hutch! Our new beagle pup, he is actually named after the minister that married us in the Bahama’s. 🙂 We don’t usually dress up animals, but this was for Trick or Treat with the nieces and nephews and he was quite popular. He is currently being trained as a rabbit dog. ❤

I also became a published writer/columnist in 2018. I started writing a monthly column for the Kentucky Houndsmen Association that is published in hunting magazines. I don’t have a photo of that to share, lol.

So, what’s 2019 going to hold? So far this year, just 9 days in, I’ve had a pretty aggravating cold (day 7 of this nonsense), photographed an awesome masquerade homecoming dance, have some exciting sessions booked for this year, and bought a new goat. We brought her home last night and have yet to name her. The meat truck was literally parked next to our truck, so maybe we should call her Lucky, but we also like Polly…Any suggestions?

One of my big goals for 2019 is to blog more, I know I’ve been slacking, but I have A LOT of sessions to blog from 2018 still. It was a fantastic year personally and professionally!! I’m excited to see what will happen in 2019!!

Happy New Year Friends, Lets make it the best year yet!!!

Hanna 🙂

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