Conner | Clinton Massie Senior in Wilmington, OH

I always say that I am blessed with wonderful clients and I love that I have known many of them for a long time. In this particular case, I have known Conner’s step dad (Bob) for about 17 years. He was a customer of mine when I worked at a bank and he was a police officer. I later went on to work at that police department as a dispatcher; I think Bob may have even put in a good word for me. Over the years of working with Bob, I did family photos, senior photos of two of his kids, photos of his grandson, and was honored to be the wedding photographer for him and Conner’s mom; Melanie. If I were to guess (and I am), I would say Conner was about 10 when I met him for the first time at the wedding. He was a sweet little boy and it’s so nice to see that he has turned into such a nice young man and will be starting college soon! Yay!!

Like so many senior boys, Conner did these photos to make his Mama happy. He wasn’t against having them done, I just think if it were up to him, he would have passed, which makes it all the nicer that we actually did 2 sessions of him. One in February (bitter cold day) and one over the summer (beautiful day)!

winter collage

Here are a few of the winter shots. As cold as it was that day, we had to finish quickly, because his ears were turning a bit red. In between shots, he put on a very heavy coat, then put the smile back on for more pics.

DSC03923 edt bw cprt

…and we came inside for a few headshots.

Fast forward to summer and things were much warmer.

summer collage

Yet, he still dressed in warm clothes. πŸ™‚

Another fun little part of the summer session is that Conner’s little sister, Kylie, tagged along. She is going into her first year of high school and has already warned me that she may be a little high maintenance for her senior pics in a few years. πŸ™‚

sibling collage

We may have to see if Conner will come to Kylie’s senior pics forΒ  recreation or two! πŸ™‚

Well, these were just a few of the photos that we did of Conner. I wish him all the best as he heads off to college and also to Kylie as she heads in high school.

As always thanks for stopping by!!

Hanna πŸ™‚

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