Divine on Broadway | Where to find formal wear in Georgetown, KY

If you’re looking for formal wear in Georgetown, KY, I know just the place! GORGEOUS wedding gowns, STUNNING dresses for homecoming, prom, or pageants, and even the fellas can find the perfect tux to suit them…pun intended. 😉

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Divine on Broadway when I visited her store. She is a lovely woman and so easy to talk to. Before I knew it, we had chatted for twenty minutes about the things her shop offered, weddings, my baby goats, and we got a little chuckle that our names were so similar; my name is Hanna and hers is Hanan.

Hanan’s shop offers truly beautiful dresses for the bride, as well as the entire bridal party, but she also offers wedding planning and flowers! The groom and his guys can rent tuxes as well. Think of all the check marks you could put on your “To Do” list!


The shop has been open on Broadway St in Georgetown, KY since 2014. With a welcoming red door, the shop is nestled into the downtown district. What’s behind those doors is the most important part and that is the owner! One of the nicest aspects of this shop is the customer service. Let’s face it, formal wear is kind of a big deal. How many times will you go to your senior prom or wear a wedding gown? Don’t you want a professional to help you choose the dress that is best for you? We are talking about a shop that specializes in finding the perfect dress, but that’s not all. When you think about planning a wedding, you think about every aspect of it and coordinating those aspects; the dress, the flowers, the cake, the decor… how nice would it be for your florist to be looking at your dress when they make your bouquet? And not just a photo, your actual dress, because they ordered it for you. Most people will plan one wedding in their lifetime; maybe help their friends or siblings, but just consider the difference it would make if a professional was there to lend a helping hand and take away some of the stress.

If you’re in the market for formal wear of any kind, flowers, or wedding planning consider paying Hanan a visit. You’ll be doing yourself a favor and supporting a small business! 

The shop can be found on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DivineonBroadway1/

On Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/divineonbroadway/

Or on her Website at: https://divineonbroadwayky.com

Oh and if you’re hungry while you’re out that way, downtown Georgetown has some fantastic restaurants!

As always, thanks for stopping by my page. Please feel free to contact me or send any comments or questions my way. I love to hear from you!

Hanna 🙂

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