Suzzie and Cody|Wilmore, KY Engagement Photos!

Right off the bat, I have a confession to make. These are not technically engagement photos. Gasp! How could I mislead you into believing these are engagement photos when they are not?! Well, the truth is Suzzie and Cody are married in these photos. They eloped!!! So, not a horrible lie really. 🙂

I love weddings and being the wedding photographer, but I have to say that I also love a good elopement! 🙂 Maybe it’s because my paternal grandparents eloped and then were married over 60 years. So few people elope that I feel like anytime you hear of someone eloping, we immediately respond with, “oh neat!”…. “where did you go?”…. “was it planned or spur of the moment?”.  Whatever the first question or congratulatory statement may be, usually people are interested in hearing the story.

After I participated in a bridal show back in January, I randomly selected a few lucky couples from that show to receive a free engagement session. Suzzie and Cody won a 30 minute session and contacted me once the weather was nicer to have their pics done. They moved into their house the week before we took the photos. They chose to do the photos at High Bridge Park in Wilmore, KY. In case you haven’t kept up on my blog posts, I will mention again that I am still fairly new to Kentucky, (almost 1 year now) so I am still not overly familiar with too many locations. Suzzie asked if I had heard of High Bridge Park and I laughed. I told her that not only have I heard of it, but I did my brother and sister in laws engagement photos, wedding, and a set a family photos after they had been married a few years at High Bridge. Its a really neat place and I was happy they had chosen that location. There is an old train trestle, an amazing view, a train caboose, great big trees, and the part that I think Suzzie liked best….a playground. 🙂 This couple is so sweet and fun! Suzzie was great to communicate with leading up to the photo session and when Cody got out of the car with hot pink sunglasses on, I knew we would have a good session. 🙂 Take a look at a few of the photos from their session…..

Black and White or Color on this pic, what do you prefer?? 🙂

DSC07194 edt cprt

DSC07206 edt cprt
Told you they were fun….Yes, Suzzie feels safe in her home… 🙂

DSC07243 edt bw cprtDSC07262 edt bw cprtDSC07285 edt cprtDSC07324 edt cprt

DSC07334 edt cprt
Even though we did a lot of fun photos, we had to have a few traditional ones as well.
DSC07354 edt cprt
Check out this view!

DSC07359 edt cprtDSC07363 edt cprtDSC07377 edt faded cprtDSC07381 edt cprtDSC07422 edt cprtDSC07432 edt bw cprtDSC07454 edt cprtDSC07471 edt bw cprtDSC07472 edt cprtDSC07496 edt cprtDSC07502 edt cprt

Thanks so much to Suzzie and Cody for hanging out with me and getting some fun (and traditional) photos done. I hope you both love them and that you have a lifetime of happiness! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,

Hanna 🙂



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