Samantha|Senior Photos at Caesars Creek State Park, Ohio

I met Samantha when she was about 4 years old. Even calling her Samantha is odd, because her Dad has always called her Sammy when he would talk about her, so that is what I call her too. I worked with her Dad for 13 years. He is a fantastic detective at the police department that I used to work for. He and his wonderful wife (love her) have 4 kiddos and Sam is their oldest. Working in law enforcement you often hear people refer to their co-workers as family and it really does feel like that. I could elaborate more on that topic, but this post is about Sammy, so I will just say that I feel these people are more than just co-workers or even friends of mine, they are family.

Since Sammy is graduating I will share a story her Dad told me when she was starting kindergarten all those years ago. Bob is a hunter and has raised his kids to hunt as well. His girls will hunt the morning, harvest a deer, and make it to school in time for their 3rd period class…not joking, I’ve seen it. When Sammy was testing to get into kindergarten, the teacher was asking her about seasons. She asked what season is it when its getting cold outside and tiny Sammy answered in all seriousness, “deer season.” The teacher, and I’m sure any other spectators, tried not to laugh and then asked, “What season is it when its getting warm?” Sammy’s answer, “turkey season.” πŸ™‚ Obviously they let her in and clearly she wasn’t wrong. Gotta love a country girl! πŸ™‚

We met up last fall for Sammy’s senior photos. She wanted a covered bridge, which was a great idea, because it poured rain for the first part of the session. Covered bridges are fun anyway and a really great way to not have to reschedule a photo shoot in the event of rain. The rain cleared up about the time we were ready for the next location and we had really nice pretty light in the woods.

DSC00889 edt bw sf
Isn’t she a beauty?!
DSC00896 edt sf
If you look closely, you can see the rain falling in front of the trees

DSC00917 edt faded sfDSC00984 edt sfDSC01055 edt sf

DSC01063 edt sf
The bridge was a great place for the photos!
DSC01064 edt sf
She’s so cute!!

DSC01066 edt sf

DSC01070 edt sf
There were so many pictures just like this of her laughing, I love them.

DSC01074 edt bw sfDSC01113 edt sf

DSC01118 edt bw sf
Had to share this one in black and white and color. I liked them both so much.
DSC01118 edt sf
How cute is this shirt!? I thought all her outfits were adorable!
DSC01140 edt sf
DSC01178 edt sf
I realize this looks slightly dangerous, but she had it under control. πŸ™‚

DSC01195 edt vintage sfDSC01226 edt sf

DSC01249 edt light sf
This is one of my favorites!! ❀
DSC01261 edt sf
Have I mentioned how pretty she is? Oh, and her hair…started out down, then went to part way up, then to this. So cute!! She did each hair style on the fly and without a mirror.

DSC01273 edt sf

DSC01305 edt sf
The light was so nice after the rain stopped!
DSC01319 edt sf
Simple elegance is always gorgeous!
DSC01324 edt sf
I just had to throw this one in. πŸ˜€ Trying to safely navigate to the spot she liked in the river. πŸ™‚

DSC01334 edt sf

DSC01278 edt sf
We found this in the creek bed while doing photos. “Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I’m lost”
DSC01238 edt sf
Bob (her dad) was great for getting smiles out of her….and photobombing on occasion. πŸ™‚
DSC01358 edt sf
Sam and her Mama (Christa) as they were walking out of the woods after the photos were done. This is not a planned photo. Sam just took her Mama’s hand. ❀

I’m excited to see where she will go and what she will do in this world; she is funny, kind, beautiful, smart, and a very hard worker. I’ll probably always call her Sammy and even though I had absolutely nothing to do with how wonderful a person she has become, I’m proud of her. Congratulations Samantha on your graduation!! ❀

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