Baby Goats|Mini Farm in Cynthiana, KY

Baby Goats!!!

Or as my 2 year old niece calls them as she chases them with a giant smile, “Baby Doats”


I introduce to you, LillyBelle and Wyatt Earp. In this photo they are just 4 days old. Bad news first, these babies were a set of triplets and their older sister didn’t survive. Their mama rejected them, so I have been bottle feeding them. In other words, they control my life right now. Everything is scheduled around their feedings and they are my little tag-a-longs if I’m going to be away from them for more than 4 hours. Many people have had this very same experience. I don’t know how others feel about it, but I’ll admit that I’m going to miss the baby goat cuddles a little bit as they get bigger. The best compliment right now is when someone says, “they look great, so healthy.” Here’s a few more photos of them…

DSC04366 cprt
LillyBelle at 4 days old sticking out her tongue
DSC04436 edt cprt
Wyatt Earp bringing up the rear
DSC04464 edt cprt
2 weeks old
DSC04467 edt cprt
Checking things out at 2 weeks old
DSC04435 edt cprt
Such a pretty girl
DSC04480 edt cprt
I love the little heart on his side

Since they have to go everywhere with me I decided that during the Easter festivities last weekend, I was a traveling petting zoo. My nieces and nephews were thrilled. I can’t take credit for the images below, my little sister took them all on her cell phone (seriously, cell quality is amazing these days). How cute are all these babies?!?


The images below, I can take credit for. This is my oldest niece, Gabbie, and she was more than willing to model with the goats. I love that my sister in law always dresses the kids so cute, Gabbie showed up in this outfit for Easter Sunday and I quickly decided photos were needed.

DSC04905 edt cprtDSC04923 edt cprtDSC04926 edt cprtDSC04937 edt cprtDSC04938 edt cprtDSC04947 edt cprtDSC04951 edt cprt

Don’t worry, no goats were harmed in the creation of these photos. 🙂 They are a day shy of 3 weeks old in these photos and so spunky. They had just finished their second breakfast and were more mellow than normal at this point. I’m pretty they have little springs on the bottom of their feet. They are hilarious to watch and bring a lot of fun and laughter to this little farm.

If you are curious at all, they are Nigerian Dwarf Goats. That is a breed of dairy goat. Both of them will stay on my farm. You may be curious about the names. Well our first goat is a male and his name is Hoss Cartwright (Bonanza), the mama to these babies is Calamity Jane, and their aunt is Annie Oakley. So, the little black male became Wyatt Earp and LillyBelle was named after the main female character in the show, Hell on Wheels, from the first two seasons. I believe the correct spelling from the show is Lily Bell, so it is slightly different. We also bought a new mama goat due to kid any day now. I’m excited to report that she is 10 year old and is a good mama that has never rejected her kids. Follow this blog and you’ll see some more great goat photos, and many other things, soon!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Hanna 🙂

4 thoughts on “Baby Goats|Mini Farm in Cynthiana, KY

  1. Hanna what wonderful pictures of all the “kids”!!! Can’t wait to see what the future brings for them. You are a tremendously gifted and talented photographer, and I love you bunches! XOXOXO


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