This kid is a Riot|Ethan’s Senior Photo Shoot in Warren County, Ohio

This kid is a riot! That’s the first thing I would say if say if someone asked me if I knew him. He is hilarious and was so much fun to be around. I met Ethan as a little kid once or twice through family connections, but didn’t know him well. A few years back I did his older brothers senior photos. Cade is now serving our country proudly in the United States Army, thanks for your service Cade. At first I said these couldn’t be more different, but after some thought, they have a lot in common. Cade showed for his photos knowing exactly what he wanted them to be like. Not in a controlling way, just that he chose classic clothes, sweater vest and suit jackets. He even brought his favorite book as a prop, which I loved. Ethan showed up in boot and t-shirts. He had button down western style shirts, but I speculate that mama had something to do with that. Cade is the quiet, polite, intellectual sort, while Ethan is the life of the party. So, how are they similar….both are very pleasant and sweet boys that are good to their mama (the only reason Ethan did senior photos) and both are hard working. Not to mention they definitely look like brothers and have some of the bluest eyes you have ever seen. Back when we did Cade’s photos, we did summer and fall photo sessions and their mama wanted the same thing for Ethan. I won’t be sharing Cade’s photos today, because this is Ethan’s post, but we chose to do the fall photos at the same location. Ethan’s first set of photos were at a small farm in Ohio and a feed mill. The feed mill turned out to be a pretty awesome location to shoot at. I loved it.

(If I’ve got you curious, you can follow this link and take a look at a few of Cade’s photos…

DSC01509 edt bw cprt

DSC01527 edt cprt
“I want to die” is what he said at this point. He was a good sport, but didn’t love posing, especially on “cute little chairs” as I called it.                                                                                                             But, look how nice the first pic turned out in the “cute little chair”

DSC01441 edt bw cprtDSC01608 edt cprtDSC01626 edt cprtDSC01643 edt bw cprt


So that was a couple shots from the first session at the farm and the feed mill from the summer session. The next photos are at Caesars Creek State Park in Ohio in the fall.

DSC00940 edt cprt

DSC01129 edt cprt
I’m a Ford girl, but this is one of my favorite pics of him. His truck is named Jolene ❤
DSC01139 edt bw cprt
Another fav, I think he was most relaxed with his truck.

DSC01198 edt cprtDSC01240 edt vintage cprt

DSC01255 edt cprt
Another one for the blooper reel…goofy kid
Trail comp
I couldn’t decide which of these I liked better. The black and white or the color, so I put them both in.
DSC01420 edt cprt
I love that bridge and the light, but the cool part is, we got almost the exact same pic of this older brother. That was planned. 🙂

DSC01345 edt cprt

DSC01376 edt cprt
If you are wondering….no, I didn’t lighten his eyes. That is just their natural color. Crazy right?!
leaf comp
And because he is such a good sport, we did a leaf throwing series of images at the end. 😛

I wish that I could share the video of Ethan trying to sit on the hood of his freshly waxed truck. he kept sliding off. It was hilarious! If you’re interested in seeing it, its on my instagram.

I will be adding sessions from 2017 that I haven’t had a chance to share yet. Winter is a bit slow in the photo industry, but if anyone wants a session, don’t hesitate to holler at me, the snow can make for some really pretty photos. Take a look at the snowy engagement session I added a link to below.

As always, thanks for stopping by!! I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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