Kayla and Darrin’s Wedding

A couple days ago on the 23rd, I got the chance to celebrate with Kayla and Darrin at their wedding. It was a beautiful and hot (so much for a fall wedding, lol) day at a really cool location. The ceremony and reception were both at Burton’s Bamboo Garden in Morrow, OH. (http://www.burtonsbamboogarden.com) If you have a second take a look at their site, they have all kinds of bamboo (yes, they sell it), an extensive collection of granite statues from China that were carved in the 1800’s, and exotic birds. Including a Cassowary (very few left in the world), give it a google, these things are the closest living relatives to a Velociraptor (think Jurassic Park) and Burton’s has a video on YouTube f the bird, because they have managed to tame one!! My understanding is that this is probably Β the only time someone has managed to tame one. Check it out, very cool!

burton comp

Ok, back to the happy couple! Kayla and Darrin were surrounded by family and good friends on their wedding day. After guests parked, they walked down a country lane with a chicken or two pecking the grass around them, the guests came upon an area with paper lanterns strung in the trees and other cute little touches…

DSC04058 edt sf

The bridal party made their way down a path through what seemed like a forest of bamboo. The last to emerge, was of course the beautiful bride and her father.

DSC04500 edt sf

The ceremony was lovely. The couple wrote vows for one another and braided three strands of rope, one representing Kayla, one representing Darrin, and the last representing their sweet little baby boy, Brody. Like all weddings, things never run perfectly and a an evil horsefly decided to play wedding crasher and landed in the hair of Darrin’s sister, who was a bridesmaid. Aside from that little mishap, the ceremony was beautiful and sweet.

As the guests made their way to the reception area, Kayla, Darrin, their families, and bridal party hung out with me for more photos.

brody comp

How cute is their baby?!?! He was an absolute love and was in a good mood all day! When he wasn’t smiling, he was napping and just look at that tuxedo he’s rocking! πŸ™‚

The reception was lakeside and shaded with lights strung up in trees and mason jars glowing blue that lined walkways and lit tables. The food was a great meal with all the fixins and the cake was both beautiful and tasty…I’ll post a photo later of the bride and groom covered in cake. Ha! πŸ™‚

DSC05887 edt sf

All in all Mr. and Mrs. Rogers had a joyful day and I have a huge file of photos to edit so that they can look back and remember it forever. πŸ™‚ #bestjobever

DSC05549 edt cprtCongratulations Kayla and Darrin!!

More pics to come!

Hanna πŸ™‚

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